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Fourth of July Crafts: Paint Stick "American Flag" Folk Art

On July 4th, we observe Independence Day and there’s no better way to show off your patriotic appreciation for these heroes, then by putting some Americana decor around your house to show your spirit. This pair of simple and easy, do-it-yourself projects don’t require much more than some red, white and blue paint (or markers), some regular craft supplies and maybe 10-15 minutes of your time to complete the job. Once they dry, they're good to hang around your house or display around your property for all to see on this holiday weekend.

Wooden Paint Stick/Popsicle Stick Flag

Pallet art and re-purposing pallets are a mega-trend that’s becoming more and more popular throughout the world right now. But in order to make pallet art, some serious wood-working skills (and power tools) are required. For a modified version of this type of pallet art, we have a “Wooden Paint Stick - American Flag Project”, which can also be done with Popsicle sticks for those who want the idea on even a smaller scale. The materials needed can be seen above and require just those sticks, some craft stars, some glue and some patriotic paint.

Wooden paint sticks can often be acquired from wherever you buy your paint (they’re usually free) and they’re an easy, yet very versatile arts-and-craft tool. The idea behind this project is it’s ability to easily put it together, but because it’s made from wood, it’s usually a bit more sturdy and long-lasting than other projects. You can paint the sticks ahead of time to avoid any unclean edges and simply glue the pieces together in the end to make the design really pop off the page.

Paint the sticks accordingly to the graphic on the left. It's important that two of your red sticks and two of your white sticks are painted halfway vertically with blue squares. This will eventually form the blue background on which your stars will be glued to create an Americana type of folk-art American flag.

The final stages to this project are simply to use your three unpainted sticks as a backing-base for your painted sticks to be alternatively placed (as shown to the right). Glue all the pieces down (you can use an extra stick or a quarter) as a side-spacer to keep the sticks evenly spaced on the way down. Finish the project off with some white painted craft stars, which can be wooden as well. If you don't have wooden stars available, easily make your own from an old piece of felt, cloth or any other fabric.


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