Springtime Plastic Bottle Hanging Planters

Updated: May 19

While we are all at home in quarantine, there are some easy projects you can do to create something unique and fantastic out of everyday objects. On a normal day in our “Teen Group,” we might try to re-use or re-purpose items that we already have around the Red Hook Community Center to help beautify, inspire and demonstrate the value of life-learning skills. It’s one of our three core principles, along with recreation and community service, that sets the foundation for our program.

Reuse old plastic bottles for this project, especially if they can't be recycled.

One easy project that can be completed at home is to make unique hanging planters by re-purposing old plastic bottles (soda, juice, etc.) into colorful and festive spring planters for your yard. The whole project shouldn’t take more than ten minutes -- not counting letting the paint dry! It’s a fun and easy task that can put plants and flowers in many places where they wouldn’t otherwise be.

The project is very simple. First, you take an old plastic bottle (old soda and juice bottles usually work best) and you simply cut the top half off of them. To make a cool artistic touch, cut the bottle at a 45-degree angle or try-out your own designs. From there, you next want to paint and design your bottle. Bright, pastel colors are best to bring that springtime cheer to your planters and make them stand-out. There’s no wrong way to do it.

Choose different plants to add variety and color to your outdoor space.

After that, you simply fill your planter with dirt and soil and put your plant in to grow. The way to make the bottles into hangers is to simply pop one hole in each side of the planter and tie them with a string or wire. An additional hole or two should also be popped in the bottom of the bottle to help with drainage in the soil.

Now you get to decide where to hang these new planters. The rainy spring weather should provide them with the needed precipitation to help your plants grow. They can be placed around tree limbs and outside railings for a unique, but not space-consuming planter that’s quick and easy to make. At the same time, you’ll not only be keeping a plastic bottle out of a landfill, but also bringing some cheer to your property during these times! The project was inspired by “’s DIY Hanging Planters” -


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